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I just wanted to let you know that I found your service exceptional. It was so easy and priced right. Thank you for the service.

Kris Frank
Cessna Pilots Association


I'm a CPA and after using this site to file some 1099 forms I now use & recommend this site to my clients who want to save money and the hassle of getting out 1099 forms on time. The forms cart allows my clients to key in their information and only when it's perfect do they move the forms into their cart so that printing, mailing, filing & billing takes place. It's fantastic!!

R. Stewart
Triunfo Creek, LLC.


I've been using this site for years to file my 1099's from my practice. It saves me the time & headache of ordering forms and installing software. The site remembers my recipients from the prior year so input is a breeze.

Dr. Chris C.
Thousand Oaks, CA


I used this site for the first time last year. It was so easy and inexpensive, and it eliminated a nuisance for my CPA, who has plenty of other things to finish by the filing deadline. Inputting the information used to be the first step for filing my 1099s. Now it's the only step.

Rita P.
Matters of Fact, Inc.


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