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Help receiving eFileMyForms Email Confirmations

All eFileMyForms emails will be sent from either or

To make sure you receive all emails from eFileMyForms, please:

  1. Check your spam filter.
  2. Add "" and "" to your address book, or "safe" list.
  3. Read the instructions below for your email provider.

If the email confirmation does not appear in your inbox within 5 minutes, please check for it in your "Junk Mail" folder and adjust your junk mail filters accordingly.


To make sure email gets delivered to your inbox, you must add our email address to your contacts list.

  • Add to Contacts
    1. Click Contacts along the left hand side of any page.
    2. Click the New Contact button in the top left corner of the Contact Manager.
    3. Enter into the email field.
    4. Click Save to add your contact.
  • Check your Spam folder
    1. Click Spam along the left hand side of any page.
    2. Click on an email from eFileMyForms.
    3. Select the button, above the email message, marked 'Not spam'.

Yahoo! Mail

There are two options for to help ensure you receive our emails.

  • Create a mail filter
    1. Click on 'Options' in the top right
    2. Choose 'Mail Options'
    3. Locate and choose 'Filters'
    4. Click 'Add'
    5. Name the filter 'eFileMyForms'
    6. Beside 'From header', select 'contains' and type 'eFileMyForms' in the text box.
    7. Beside 'Move the message to', select Inbox
    8. There is no 'Save' button but clicking on 'Add' again will save the filter.
  • Bulk or Spam Mail folder
    1. Check your Yahoo! Bulk mail or Spam folder.
    2. Click on the email from eFileMyForms and click the button marked 'Not Spam'.
    3. The email will move into your Inbox.

Hotmail, Windows Live or MSN

There are two options to help ensure you receive our emails.

  • Junk Folder
    1. In the left hand menu, select 'Junk'
    2. Select the email from eFileMyForms
    3. Inside the email message, there will be an exclamation mark and a message saying 'You may not know this sender.'
    4. Beside this, click the link 'Mark as safe'
    5. The email will move into your Inbox.
  • Add eFileMyForms to your 'Safe List'
    1. In the top right corner, Click 'Options'
    2. Click 'More Options'
    3. Under 'Junk e-mail', Click 'Safe and blocked senders'
    4. Click 'Safe Senders'
    5. Enter in the text box, under 'Sender or domain to mark as safe'.
    6. Click 'Add to list'.


To make sure email gets delivered to your AOL inbox, you must add our email or domain to your Address Book or Custom Sender List.

  1. Click the 'Spam Controls' link on the lower right side of your inbox screen
  2. When the 'Mail & Spam Controls' box appears, click the 'Custom sender list' link
  3. Choose the 'allow email from' option
  4. Type as the address you would like to receive emails from and Click 'Add'.
  5. Click 'Save'. is a 1099 Pro LLC Service
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