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What Forms Does eFileMyForms Support?

eFileMyForms Supports:

  • 1042-S
  • 1094-B, 1094-C, 1095-B, 1095-C
  • 1098, 1098-Q, 1098-T
  • 1099-A, 1099-B, 1099-C, 1099-DIV, 1099-G, 1099-INT, 1099-LTC, 1099-MISC, 1099-PATR, 1099-R, 1099-S, 1099-SA
  • 5498, 5498-SA
  • W-2, W-2G
  • IRS TIN/Name Matching

Can I File for More Than One Client or Business Using My One Account?

Yes. eFileMyForms allows you to enter an unlimited number of filers, and an unlimited number of associated recipients for each of those filers, with your one account.

How Do I Add the TIN and Name of the Other Companies That I Need to File For?

After you create your account and confirm your email address, you will log into your account and create "filer" records for each of the companies that you need to file for. For each of the "filers" you will then be able to create an unlimited number of "recipient" records.

Can I Upload/Import Data or Do I Have to Enter it Manually?

With our service you can do both. You can upload filers, recipients and forms using our simple upload process. We accept comma-delimited or Excel files. For more information, view our "upload help" page.

Can I Use Your Service to eFile Only and Then Print and Mail My Own Forms?

Yes, you can. When you file forms with our service you have the option to "eFile/Print/Mail" or "eFile Only". You make this choice at the time that you pay for your forms. After you've paid for your filings, you can download individual copies of your forms in PDF format. We provide all Copies in this manner except for "Copy A".

Can I Cancel My Order At Any Time? If So, Will That Stop My Forms From Being eFiled?

You can cancel an order up until such time that we submit one-or-more of the forms in the order to the IRS/SSA. Cancelling an order only means that we will cease processing from that point in time. If the forms have already been printed/mailed then your recipients will still receive their forms. Likewise, once we initiate the electronic transfer of your forms to the IRS/SSA, cancelling your order will not prevent the data from getting transferred. Due to the speed and automated nature of our service, we encourage you to thoroughly review your data before placing an order.

I Submitted My Forms After the January Deadline. Will I Be Penalized for a Late Submission?

Paper 1099 & W-2 forms are required to be postmarked by the last day of January, unless that day falls on a weekend or Federal holiday. If the last day of January falls on a weekend or Federal holiday, then the next business day is the deadline. If you miss this mailing date then you may be subject to penalties from the IRS/SSA.

If you are in this situation it is usually best to submit your order as quickly as possible for the complete print, mail, & eFile service. eFileMyForms can usually print/mail orders within one business day, depending on the volume of records submitted. The good news is that you will meet the IRS/SSA electronic filing deadlines if you submit your order for the complete print, mail, & eFile service before the deadlines listed in our Deadlines informational page (you must be logged in to your account to view this page).

Intentional disregard of mailing & filing introduces substantial penalties.

What is eFileMyForms Mail Tracking™?

Once your 1099's are delivered to regional postal centers they are scanned. We report the latest scan available and when possible we estimate the anticipated delivery date. While Mail Track ™ technology provides evidence of the date of delivery, it does not provide proof of delivery because carriers do not scan Intelligent Mail barcodes at recipients' delivery point.

Mail Tracking is designed to provide all Print & Mail Customers with the last automated processing scan which can indicate that the mail piece will be delivered later that day. eFileMyForms Mail Tracking ™ is not a substitute for Certified/Return Receipt mail but it's the next best thing.

How Can I Print my Forms or Track my Mail?

  1. Click on Account Home after logging into the site.
  2. On the left panel click on "Order History (Download PDF's)".
  3. Under Order History click on the Order Number in question.
  4. Either click on the Track icon to see the last scan or select a PDF copy for example Copy B and then click on "Get my PDFs" at the bottom.

When Does eFileMyForms File my Forms With the IRS/SSA?

eFileMyForms files your 1099/W-2 data electronically with the IRS/SSA on or before the March 31st electronic filing deadline as long as the order is successfully submitted by the deadline stated on the sidebar of the homepage.

eFileMyForms files your 1094 & 1095 ACA data electronically with the IRS as early as the first week of April. IRS confirmation can take up to two weeks for ACA forms.

In cases where March 31st falls on a weekend or a Federal holiday, the deadline is automatically extended to the next business day.

As an example, for the 2007 tax season the electronic filing deadline was April 2nd, 2008. You can edit your forms until such time that they are electronically submitted to the IRS/SSA .

Do You Send the Forms to the IRS/SSA and to the People I Have 1099'd?

When you choose the "Print, Mail, & eFile" service with us, we print and mail the forms to your recipients and we electronically file your forms with the IRS by the March 31st deadline. There is nothing else that you need to do.

When I File with eFileMyForms, Do You Send Any Information to the States?

As an eFileMyForms customer, you are automatically enrolled in the Combined Federal/State Filing program (CFSFP) when you file your 1099 forms with us. Please visit IRS Combined Federal State Reporting Info for more information.

If you have questions regarding state filings we suggest that you talk with your Accountant, CPA, or Attorney for further clarification. Note: 1099-K & 1099-OID are in the CFS program but are not supported by efilemyforms.com.

How do I Correct My Data?

eFileMyForms supports filing IRS/SSA corrections as long as the original form was filed with the eFileMyForms service.

For details, please visit our - How to FAQ Page - and select the "How to File Corrections (After IRS/SSA Filing)".

Do You Send a W-3 Automatically When I File a 1099 on eFileMyForms?

W-3 and 1096 Transmittals are paper copies sent to the IRS/SSA. When filing electronically these files are sent to the IRS/SSA in an electronic format as the files are submitted. This is all done in the electronic filing process.

After Entering 1099's Does eFileMyForms File a 1096 Transmittal?

A 1096 form is not required because we file electronically. Form 1096 is for paper filing only.

Can I Change Data in a Form That Has Already Been Printed and Mailed?

Yes, until the end of March or until such time that your data is submitted to the IRS/SSA. We encourage all customers to correct data in their forms as their own recipients report errors. What is most important is that the IRS receive accurate information. As part of our online filing service, we electronically submit your filings to the IRS/SSA prior to the end of March. As such, you have until such time that forms are electronically submitted to correct any mistakes in the information you have submitted.

For details, please visit our - How to FAQ Page - and select the "How to Edit a Form After an Order is Placed (Before IRS/SSA Filing)".

Sometimes When I View the PDF Version Of One Of My Forms, the Information Does Not Match What I Entered on the Form?

This occurs when you view the PDF, then edit your data and then view the PDF a second time. You can resolve this by clearing your browser's cache (hit the F5 key).

How do I Change My Email Address?

Use the Request Help page to request that we change the email address associated with your account. Please include your new email address in your request.

What is a State ID Number?

A State ID Number is issued by the state to your company - generally for State Tax Withholding purposes. To obtain a State ID Number, please contact your State Tax Department.

If you are required by the state to include a State ID Number, just close the window when you are prompted to enter a State ID Number.

What is the Combined Federal/State Filing Program (CFSF Program)?

The CFSF Program is a program that allows the IRS to forward your filing information to states that participate, for certain form types. eFileMyForms files your information in the CFSF Program and does not submit your information directly to states.

Please visit - Combined Federal State Filing Program - for more information.

I cancelled my order. Will I receive a refund?

Your Print, Mail & eFile order is eligible for refund if the forms have not been printed and mailed. Your eFile-Only order is eligible for refund if the data has not yet been processed for the transmittal to the IRS.

I cancelled my order after the forms were printed and mailed. Why don’t you refund the difference between the Print, Mail & eFile price and the eFile-Only price?

The difference in the price of the two services is mostly paper and postage. But those aren’t the only costs incurred by the time your order is printed and mailed. The bulk of the cost of preparing these forms is in the data processing. As soon as Print, Mail & eFile orders have been printed and mailed, all of the data processing has been completed and the file has been prepared for the IRS. So we do not refund these orders after the forms have been printed and mailed.

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