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In cases where there is no need to send a copy of a filing to a recipient, we offer our "electronic filing (eFiling)" service. With our eFiling Only service you can submit your filings electronically to the IRS/SSA in a quick and timely manner.

Online filing of tax forms 1098, 1099, W-2 and has never been easier. And no 1096 or W-3 is needed because we file electronically.

Step 1, Enter your Data

Step 1, Enter your Data

Start by entering your filers, recipients and filing information into our easy-to-use data entry pages. You can also upload your information to us with a comma-delimited text, tab-delimited text, or Excel® file. Learn more about uploading.

Step 2, Add to Cart and Pay

Step 2, Add to Cart and Pay

After you're done entering your forms, add the forms to your shopping cart and use our simple checkout process to pay for them.

Step 5, Electronic Filing

Step 3, Electronic Filing

Before the filing deadline1 is reached, we will electronically transmit your filings to the appropriate tax reporting agency.

1Filing deadlines can be reached if your order is paid for on or before the submission dates that we indicate after you login.

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