Beginning with tax year 2020, use Form 1099-NEC to report nonemployee compensation. (Previously Box 7 on 1099-MISC)

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eFileMyForms Now Offers 1099-NEC State Reporting


eFileMyForms customers can now utilize an add-on option, when checking out on their order, to add 1099-NEC state direct reporting for required states!


As many customers are aware, the IRS implemented the new 1099-NEC tax form for reporting nonemployee compensation in Tax Year 2020. This information was previously on the 1099-MISC, under Box 7, and the 1099-MISC was included in the IRS's Combined Federal/State Filing (CFSF) Program.

However, the IRS did not include the 1099-NEC in the CFSF Program which poses major issues for almost every 1099-NEC filer - as these filers now need to directly report the 1099-NEC to applicable states. To complicate matters, each state has its own submittal platform, account requirements, electronic file format reporting thresholds, reporting deadlines, reporting thresholds, and so on. It is nearly impossible for everyday businesses to have the required level of knowledge to accurately report these 1099-NEC forms directly to the states.


To both simplify and streamline this process, eFileMyForms has developed an add-on service that will allow customers to add 1099-NEC state direct filing to their order, for applicable states. For the complete details of this service, including supported states and pricing, please see the below link.

1099-NEC State Reporting Service - 1099-NEC State Reporting Service


Any state that is not directly supported by our 1099-NEC state reporting service can still be supported by one of the two methods below:

  1. Option 1 - Printing & Mailing Paper Copies - Customers can always download PDF copies, or print paper copies, of tax forms after an order is placed. These forms can then be mailed to the state if the state accepts paper copies.
  2. Option 2 - 1099 Pro Enterprise Software - The 1099 Pro Enterprise software is a downloadable software product that is offered by 1099 Pro. This product gives users the ability to create their own electronic files for federal and state reporting purposes. In addition, the 1099 Pro Enterprise software supports the state file creation for ALL tax states (and not just the 1099-NEC).
    1. For more information, please see - 1099 Pro Enterprise Software. is a 1099 Pro LLC Service
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