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Print, Mail, & eFile 592-B Forms Online

eFileMyForms offers CA 592-B file generation services for you.

Form 592-B File & PDF Generation
Forms per Order
File & PDF Generation
1-50 $3.49 ea.
51-99 $2.88 ea.
100-249 $1.86 ea.
250-499 $1.28 ea.
500-999 $0.87 ea.
1,000-2,499 $0.53 ea.
2,500-4,999 $0.36 ea.
5,000+ $0.29 ea.
*All 592-B customers have a one-time, $99, setup fee charged to their first order of the tax year. No charge is assessed unless an order is placed.

The table above displays pricing for our 592-B file generation services. In addition to the cost per form there is a $99 yearly subscription fee that is charged when you complete your first order for each tax year.

Following are some examples of our pricing assuming the service selected is the same for all forms:

  • You want to generate a file with 100 592-B forms with the File & PDF Generation " service in a SINGLE order. This is your first 592-B order of the tax year so you are charged a $99 one-time account setup fee - when your order is placed. You have a total of 100 forms in a single order so you would be charged $1.86 per form for a total of $186.00 for the forms plus $99 for your yearly subscription, giving you a grand total of $285.00.

  • You want to generate a file with 51 592-B forms in one order and 99 592-B forms in a separate order. You have a total of 150 forms. However, because the forms were placed in two separate orders, each order would fall into "51-99" volume price-tier so you would be charged $2.88 per form in each order. Assuming you had not done a 592-B form order for this tax year before, your first order would be charged the $99 yearly subscription fee but your second order would not since it was already covered in the first order.

*Pricing subject to change.

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