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CA 592-B Reporting & Filing with the CA FTB

Print, mail, and electronically file CA 592-B forms with the California Franchise Tax Board.

The CA 592-B Reporting Process is Easy, Just:

  1. Sign-up for a FREE account.
  2. Import your 592-B data from Excel or key-in the data manually.
  3. Generate summary and totals reports to make sure that all of your numbers match up.
  4. Place your order.
  5. Retrieve the files from your order history by following these instructions - How to Generate and Retrieve CA 592-B Files.
    1. This will download a zip file along with one or more .dat files that you can upload to the CA FTB.
    2. The number of files are determined by the number of filers you file for in a given order. There is one file per filer
  6. PDF copies of your ordered CA 592-B forms are available for download at any time. Just follow these instructions - How to Generate PDF Copies of Your CA 592-B Forms.

About California (CA) 592 Reporting:

California requires 7% withholding and quarterly reporting by any individual or entity making payments of more than $1,500 of California Source Income to the person, corporation, partnership, fiduciary, partner, beneficiary, shareholder, member or vendor who is a non-resident of California that do not have a permanent place of business in California.

Our online CA 592-B reporting service allows users to import, or manually enter, CA 592-B data, run business rules/validations to help ensure that the data meets CA reporting standards, browse & edit the CA 592-B forms directly, and run summary totals reports to balance against accounting totals. Once an order is placed, our service generates an XML file that is properly formatted to upload to California's Franchise Tax Board (FTB) site for electronic filing. PDF copies of CA 592-B forms can also be downloaded for your records.

Simply import, or key in, your CA 592-B data under the correct Filer (reporting entity) when ready!

What Information Needs to Be Reported?

  • Report & withhold on certain payments made to Non-Residents of California.
  • Payments made for personal services performed in California.
  • Payments made to nonresident entertainers and athletes for California performances.
  • Payments received for a covenant not to compete in California.
  • Payments releasing a contractual obligation to perform services in California.
  • Income from options received because of performing personal services in California.
  • Bonuses paid for services performed in California.
  • Rents and royalties from assets located in California.
  • Distributions of California source income.

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