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File 1099's online, 1095 ACA forms online & file W-2's online with eFileMyForms® 1099 eFile & W-2 eFile service. We make it a snap to print, mail & eFile your 1099, W-2, 1095, 1098, 5498, and 1042-S tax forms online - without software!

eFileMyForms® allows you to key in or import your 1099, W-2, 1095, & 1042-S tax data so that you can get back to business. Quality, Security, and Dependability since 2001.

Who is our service for?

Businesses, CPAs or individuals.

If you have one or hundreds of 1042-S, 1098, 1099, 5498, 1095, or W-2 series forms that you need to file, then our service is for you!

Why choose us?

We are the best with over 9 years of service . Our service is simple, cost effective, fast & efficient, and secure.

Don't go with an imitator, both our print & data facilities are SSAE 16 SOC I Type II certified.

What forms does eFileMyForms™ support?

We support many forms including: 1042-S, 1098, 1098-T, 1099 series (A, B, C, DIV, G, INT, LTC, MISC, PATR, R, S, SA), 5498, 5498-SA, W-2, 1095 series (B, C) ACA forms, and W-2G.

Need to file for a prior tax year? We offer eFiling for 2009 through 2014 tax forms!

ACA (Affordable Care Act)

We support 1095-B and 1095-C forms! Just like 1099's & W-2's you can key in or import your forms and have them printed & mailed by 1/31/2016 and the summary transmittals 1094-B & 1094-C filed by our Service Bureau SOC 16 Type II securely by 3/31/2016 in the new electronic XML format!

Prices start at $3.99 per form plus a $99 yearly charge.
Note: Software solutions are also available for form volumes greater than 10,000 forms.

What do
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Who is our
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What forms do
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Do you support the 1095 ACA forms?

File 1099's Online, File W2's Online & File 1095's Online!

1099 online filing, W2 online filing and 1095 online ACA (Affordable Care Act) filing has never been easier! And no 1096 or W-3 is needed because we file electronically! Therefore, if you get your data in by the end of March we can eFile 1099's to the IRS and eFile W2's to the SSA on time!

ACA (Affordable Care Act)

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